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“Yeah, this won’t work honey,” Selena Gomez commented as she looked at the photographer who was taking pictures of her for her current photoshoot.

“Yeah, I, I’m sorry,” the young man apologized, his voice only marginally less shaky than his hands. “It’s just that, you know, this is, this is the first time, I’m, uh, working with such a big star as you, really big star, I’m nervous.”

“Honey, you might be a bit nervous, but that’s not even ten percent of why you’re shaking like this,” she replied to him. To make her point, she lightly bumped her hands against her big breasts and the bikini top that was straining to contain them as they spilled out of it, making her tits wobble and jiggle for a few seconds, while his body did pretty much the same.

Smiling to herself in a self-satisfied way as she looked straight into the hapless young man’s cute, blue eyes, which were fully transfixed on her large breasts, she laughed loudly for a few moments as she noticed the young man almost lose his balance and his shaking body nearly fall on the floor. If she had to take guess, and it would be a correct one, the unbelievably erotic sight in front of him almost make the neophyte photographer come on the spot.

“Yeah, it’s just, sorry, I don’t really know what to do,” he said apologetically, the near-fall bringing him back to his senses at least a little, as he looked at his even-younger assistant with quickly-growing desperation in his eyes. “Could you help me, Anna? I really don’t how to do this.”
Before the young woman could reply to him, acting in very much the same manner as he himself did right now, Selena interjected and sent her away with, “I think the best thing for Anna to do right now is to go join the others and wait for this photoshoot to be over. After all, this is supposed to be a private, intimate one, as I insisted, and having too many people in here just poisons the mood.”

Feeling absolutely no urge to argue with the singer, or even to think much about what she was saying, Anna just wordlessly waltzed towards the exit, eager to remove herself from the awkward situation on the set.

“Huh, I think that really was the issue,” he said in a surprisingly deep voice. His head turned away from the world-famous star just a few feet away from him and towards the door which his assistant had just loudly shut behind herself, his figure now stood in a much more static way, and his posture and body language seemed to grow more confident by the millisecond. “As you said, this was supposed to be pretty personal, so with just the two of us in here now, we could…” he said, his words getting stuck in his throat as he turned his head back to look at Selena, only to find her standing right in front of him. “Holy fuck.”

“Quite an appropriate reaction, Adam,” she said with a smile, as she pushed her bountiful breasts against his chest. “That’s your name, am I right?”

“Ye-Yes,” he stammered, the briefly regained confidence dissipating nearly instantly by the close physical contact with the famous bombshell.
“Well, as I said, with Anna out, we can finally make this the very much intimate photoshoot I’ve wanted this to be,” she said while she looked him into those cute eyes of his, as she started to sink onto her knees. “What else did you think I was planning on doing with you?”

“Erm, a photoshoot?!” he bluntly replied, his voice once again getting shaky from the sight of him on her knees in front of him.

“Yes, just as I wanted as well, along with your bosses,” she replied similarly bluntly, after stopping a short laughing fit induced by his shaky voice. “But that wasn’t going to happen with you shaking like that. And let’s get real. You aren’t nervous, you are horny. Which is good, hell, it’s perfect. It’s exactly what we wanted to do with this photoshoot. I mean, we all know this is going to blow up the internet, just like Billie’s Vogue cover did.”

“Oh God, dear,” he blurted out, as she pulled down his pants and boxers, freeing his impressively big, and completely hard, cock.

“Mmm, this is what I’m talking about,” she said, loudly gulping down her saliva, as she grabbed the cock and started to jerk it off lightly. “We’re never going to get this done with you sporting a boner like this in your pants, and having your heart beating like crazy in your chest. That’s why there’s only the two of us, so I can quickly take care of your cock and make sure that your balls are empty, so there’s nothing distracting you from focusing on your job. It’s just, you know, simple etiquette in a situation like this to be honest, apparently a lot of pornstars also do this.”

Emphasizing what she had just said, she lifted herself back up off of her knees and squatted, repositioning herself so she could put his cock behind her bikini top and in-between her full, juicy tits. Not even waiting for him to start properly moaning, she quickly grabbed her tits, squeezed them against his cock, and started tit-fucking him, the tight bra holding it all together.

“Fuck yeah,” he whispered. “Fuck, your tits are, damn, yeah, fuck my cock.”

“Liking this, aren’t you, eh?” she said with a smile, already knowing the answer.

To be fair, she also liked this. Ever since she had gained weight and her already-decent breasts ballooned as a result, she found herself getting almost addicted to using the large fleshy globes to please men, either by showing them off by going braless in public, or, when it came to the ones lucky enough to be her sexual partners, by taking their cocks in-between them and squeezing every single last drop of their cum out of them.


That wasn’t about to be his case, though. Him, she needed to suck off and swallow the cum. They were working in here after all. They couldn’t afford to lose any time by cleaning up either her or the set.

But still, that didn’t mean that she couldn’t have some fun before that.

“Yeah, yeah I do,” he finally replied to her question.

“Wanna take control for a bit, then?” she asked.

As he looked at her with a confused look on his face, she smiled at him. Massaging his cock with her big tits for a few more moments, she finally took her hands off of her mammaries and let them freely rest in the tight, purple bikini top, with his cock in-between them.

After a slightly awkward period of time, he finally realized what she wanted him to do, and started rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her tits with his cock just as she, up to moments before, fucked his cock with her tits.

“Hmm, yeah, give it to me,” she moaned, enjoying the feeling of the thick, rock-hard shaft sliding up and down between her tits. Then, he grabbed her left breast with his right hand after repositioning himself a little, making her yelp in pleasure. “Ahh, you’re such a, naughty boy,” she breathed out in a husky voice.

He tried to grab onto both of her breasts but quickly found it to be much harder than he had expected if he also wanted to continue fucking those magnificent mammaries.

Reacting quickly to his clumsy attempts to position himself well enough to enjoy her just how he wanted, she pushed his hands off of her breasts, which she once again squeezed against his cock. Only this time, that was as much as she was about to do.

Taking the cue, he restarted his furious fucking of her breasts, bringing a smile to her face and moans from her throat. “Oh yeah, fuck, you like it?” he asked, his voice filled with self-satisfaction.

“And how,” she admitted, still speaking in that husky voice. “Wanna feel something even better?”

“What?” he asked, quite interested in her offer.

Answering him with a wink, she turned her head down to face his cock and opened her mouth. Understanding what she wanted him to do, he started rocking his hips even harder. Soon, his cock was periodically sliding past her lips and entering her mouth, the force of his thrusts making her large hoop earrings sway back and forth along with a few strands of her dyed-blonde hair. The feeling of her mouth around his cock almost made him come the moment he had first felt it.

She had a pretty good idea of how he felt at this moment. Years of experience had given her a pretty good instinct as to when a man was about to blow his load. It was time to take this to the end game.

“Wait,” she said with an unexpected urgency in her voice, while gesturing for him to stop. After he had done so, she pulled his cock downwards, freeing it from the grasp of her tight bikini top.

Before he could protest at what she was doing, she pointed the cock at her mouth, moved her head forward, and slipped it in past her lips.

“Oh yeah, fuck,” he stammered as he realized what was happening. “Yeah, suck me, that’s how I love it.”

She just smiled inwardly at his enthusiasm. Of course, given how young he was, how hot she was, and most of all, how horny he was before all of this started, she knew that there was nothing else she could’ve expected. She was going to have much more fun with him in the future, that much she was sure of. One more young boy toy in her life couldn’t hurt, after all, not to mention that she was quite curious how those nicely-defined abs looked like without his T-shirt covering them, or that he owed her an orgasm or two after this, which she was sure that the nice, thick cock in her mouth would be perfectly capable of giving her if it were put into her pussy.

Her head bobbing wildly along the length of his cock as she fellated him, all she could hear from him were guttural moans reminding her that he was soon going to come, and she started to prepare for the inevitable. Putting one of her hands on his thigh and the other around his balls, teasing and edging him by using her soft hands and green fingernails to lightly scratch his skin and squeeze his balls as if trying to force his jizz out of his nuts as soon as possible, she prepared herself to swallow his load when he finally emptied his nuts into her oral cavity.

“I’m cumming!” he yelled out, before grabbing her head with both of his hands, holding her in place while he wildly fucked her head, overwhelmed by the feeling of an oncoming orgasm.

She just looked up at him as she put both of her hands to rest against his thighs, before closing her eyes as she felt the first salty cumshot hit the back of her throat.

“Oh, yeah, this is it,” he stammered, as spurt after spurt of cum exploded from his cock, with her dutifully swallowing each and every one. “This is, the, shit.”

She winked and smiled at him after he had said that, inviting the same reaction from him. After swallowing the last spurt of his cum, she licked the cockhead one last time and gave his cock a few final sucks before finally taking it out of her mouth.

“So, you OK now?” she asked, the smile still decorating her face, as she got back on her legs.

“Ah, um, yeah, completely,” he replied, barely thinking about what he was saying, before putting his jeans and boxers back on and walking back to the tripod holding his camera.

“So, I hope that we can continue?” she asked, walking a couple of steps back and away from him, before striking a pose.

“Erm, yeah,” he said, the obvious, and likely inevitable, dejection in his voice amusing her and making her roll her eyes slightly.

“I mean, I sure hope we won’t have those problems again. We could call back Anna and others if you’d want,” she suggested. “But I just hope that we can get this done as soon as possible, so that when you’d start to have problems like this again, we can deal with them a bit even more privately than now,” she said, watching his face immediately light up, as he understood what she meant.
Not even bothering to act on her first suggestion, he started feverishly taking pics of her, with her barely able to keep the pace with him as, very much encouraged by her comments, he struggled to wrap this photoshoot up as soon as possible.