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Hermione Learns Her Lesson

Hermione was on her way to potions class when she ran into Professor
Snape in the corridor. “Ms. Granger, come this way please,” Snape
said icily.

Reluctantly she followed Snape’s long trailing coat into his office. He
lowered himself behind a large oak desk. “Close the door behind
you,” he said.

Hermione quietly turned, and leaned her weight against the massive
door. “Ms. Granger, your work as of late has been below par. What do
you have to say for yourself?”

Hermione was still standing in the doorway, her hands gingerly clasping
the hem of her skirt. “Professor, I mean no disrespect, but with all
the stress of exams I haven’t been concentrating on my work like I
should be. I’ve had 3 exams and your term paper to do this week. Why in
all the commotion I barely had time to celebrate my birthday. 18th you

“Why are you still hovering in the doorway?” Snape asked, his eyes
cool and piercing. “Sit!” He turned his back to her and focused his
attention on the filing cabinet behind him, as if he weren’t the least
bit excited by the prospect of having that snotty bitch Hermione alone
in his corner office.

Hermione gingerly lowered herself into an armchair. Snape turned around
to face her, coming out from behind the desk, his body tall and looming
over her. Hermione noticed he was eyeing the dark shadowy patch between
her legs and under her skirt and she quickly pressed her legs together

“I do hope you know how much I am going to loathe having another year
of your bratty remarks in my classroom Ms. Granger,” Snape spat at
her. “But Professor!” she protested, rising from her seat, almost
bumping into Snape. “You can’t mean you’re going to fail me! I’ve had
immaculate marks all semester! You must have miscalculated my mark!”

Snape felt a heat in his chest, filled with rage at her insubordinance.
Granger was one of the few students he’d had at Hogwarts who refused to
be intimidated. But there she was, her pointy finger raised in
defiance, almost poking his chest, her small body heaving and a flush
beginning to crop up over the top of her blouse.

Any other day he would’ve replied with patience. Hundreds of times
before he had taken deep breaths and patiently explained his logic to
the student in question. But not today. He had listened to one too many
of Hermione’s smartassed remarks, and there was no way she was leaving
Hogwarts without learning her lesson.

Snape reached out and grabbed the side of Hermione’s angry face,
pinching it. “Ms. Granger you must remember who is in charge in this
situation.” Hermione looked like she was about to spit on him. He
could’ve swore he’d seen her mouth forming the spit wad.

He had to muster every bit of patience in himself to not harm her as
he grabbed her by the collar and threw her over his desk, scattering
papers. Hermione had a look of surprise in her eyes as she realized she
was splayed over the big oak desk, her skirt up around her waist. Snape
could barely believe what he saw either.

“Ms. Granger…I…” He was unsure of what to say, would the girl
burst into tears? But no, he heard her small voice from behind the
desk, sounding muffled because her head was hanging off the edge.
“Well, I guess I do deserve what’s coming, I’ve been quite the little
snot this year, haven’t I!” she said with almost a giggle.

Snape moved forward with a smirk on his thin lips. He got a firm grip
in Hermione’s mass of curls and filled his fist with hair. He leaned
forward, pressing his waist against the desk and raised his other hand
high. Pausing only a moment, he brought it down hard on her panties.

Hermione jumped as if she were humping the desk, not so much from the
pain of the smack, but because her assumptions about Snape had been
correct. He gave her a hard time because he wanted her. “Well,” she
thought to herself, “now it’s my turn to give him a hard time.”

Snape continued the spanking, harder and harder, over and over, until
Hermione could not remain silent any longer. She began to whimper with
each smack, realizing that each one came a bit closer to between her
legs and brought Snape closer to finding out how much she was enjoying

Snape’s smirk broadened with each moan from Hermione. At this point his
body was leaning forward almost on top of Hermione, pressing her small
breasts into the desk. He had felt the warmth seeping out from the
crotch of her panties, and he knew there was no turning back.

“I can see that you don’t seem to mind this treatment, Ms. Granger”
Snape cooed into her ear. “Probably even enjoying it, aren’t we?”
With these words he wiggled his large finger in between her thigh and
her panties, and found the wetness they both knew was there. Hermione’s
body became limp all of the sudden.

“Well, no answer then?” Snape spat, “That’d be the first time
little miss know it all didn’t have an answer, wouldn’t it,” his deep
baritone voice inches from her ear. She could feel his weight, so
overwhelming, pushing into her, outlining every bone, and the hard lump
of his cock in her back.

She dared not respond, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. She
grinned triumphantly, but it was wiped off her face as his finger
pressed deep into her and a moan escaped her lips.

“Your true feelings have revealed themselves Ms. Granger,” Snape
said as he began to rhythmically move his finger in and out, slowly.
“Yes sir, in much the same way your erect cock does for yours,” she
said, trailing off the last few words.

Enraged, pulled himself off of Hermione, roughly grabbed her with both
hands and flipped her into a sitting position. He held her upright by
the hair with one hand and fingered her with the other, thrusting in
and out violently. Hermione tested the strength of the hand in her hair
but knew it would be best for both of them to feign helplessness.
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Hermione slouched on the desk, her legs spread and her panties pushed
to the side. Snape looked almost manically, bent at the waist and
jamming his fingers, intent on bringing Hermione to her knees.
Hermione’s hands grappled with Snape, first trying to grab hold on his
wrist to stop the fingering, to no avail. She then busied herself with
pushing at Snape’s face, pulling his hair, pushing into his nose, and
finally beating his chest, all while trying to ignore the tightening
feeling around her cunt. Her panties were rubbing her clit raw as
Snape’s large wrist moved in and out of them.

Snape’s smirk widened to almost a smile as he dodged Hermione’s feeble
blows. He held as head back, away from the line of her clenched fists,
and noticed with delight that her small nipples were sticking out like
tic tacs from her blouse. Her entire neck was flushed and he wondered
how far down that flush went.

Hermione caught Snape’s glance and knew she could not hide her arousal
any longer. Giving in, she allowed the orgasm to wash over her. Snape
felt the throbs of her pussy and did not relent. With a soft moan and
no words, Hermione slouched backwards, resting on her hands as she
grinded her pussy into Snape’s palm.

Snape caught himself grinning and became expressionless. His hand had
fallen from her hair and she was leaning, almost falling off the desk,
her legs spread over the width of it and her panties stretched to one
side. Snape removed his hand from her messy pussy, and savored the
smell, sneaking a quick taste before Hermione regained her composure.

“Well Professor, will that be all?” she said innocently, pulling up
her panties as she hopped from the desk. She and Snape both knew
Hogwart’s policy on teacher/student relations. Taking her cue, Snape
replied, “yes Ms. Granger, you have no fear of failure this term. In
fact, you’ve been quite a willing student.” Snape once again began to
busy himself in the filing cabinet, turning his back to her. Hermione
smiled to herself and let herself out.