Family Guy 12

Sexy Story – Meg

Terry unfortunately was not much fun after releasing his load into
Meg’s mouth. Try as we might we where unable to convince his cock to
get hard enough to help anyone.

As we left the plane Meg handed Matt a card with her Cell # and where
we were staying in Vegas. I think he got the point when I say her hand
run quickly across his crotch as we passed.

A short Limo ride later and we where being escorted up to our room at
Bellagio’s by one of the porters. As soon as the door clicked shut,
Meg approached me, wrapping her loving arms around me. She pulled me
close and started to kiss me with more passion than I can remember.

I was in heaven as her hands ran up and down my back to my butt,
pulling my body hard into hers. Slowly walking me backwards towards
the wall, Meg pressed us both against the wall, my back to it, and her
against me.

The complete lust I felt coming from my sister at that point was the
biggest turn on in our 6 years of being lovers. The heat coming from
us must have been something to see as we kissed and groped each other
for what must have been 5 minutes until I felt the zipper of my dress
slide down my back. With expert movements Meg slid the dress over my
shoulders allow it to slide down my body and pool around my ankles.

Grasping my wrists and thrusting them above my head Meg took total
control of my excited body. First he lips approached my right nipple,
breathing lightly on it at first and then enveloping it in the hot wet
recesses of her wanting lips. I could feel the passion between us
growing as a small moan escaped my lips, allowing her to know how wild
she was driving me.

The sadness I left when her lips released my excited flesh was as
indescribable as the joy I felt when her teeth tug on my left nipple,
exciting it to full attention, so that when her tongue slid around it
I was in heaven once again. Her lips parting more and sucking my
nipple into her mouth, I almost came with the suction from her mouth
and the swirling of her tongue on my nipple drove me crazy.

Lowering my arms and releasing my wrists she started to kiss around my
breasts and tummy, working her way lower, her tongue playing with my
excited skin the whole way down. She nibbled on my hip, while her
expert fingers made their way to my waiting sex. First circling my
excited clit, then sliding down my lips to my opening. When she pulled
on the wiring from the egg I was surprised how empty I felt in side
having have this foreign object inside me for the last five hours I
had almost forgotten it.

Then her expert mouth was kissing my clit, teasing me closer and
closer to the edge, When she pressed her flat tongue against my
engorged clit I thought that I would explode, then I felt her finger
probing my entrance, first teasingly sliding only a small way in,
testing the waters, so to speak. Then she plunged her finger inside of
me so deep that I could feel her knuckles pressing against me, while
her finger was making little circles inside of me.

The pressure building up inside of me was almost unbearable, then her
tongue relaxed and my clit was once again free. She then started to
flick my clit with the tip of her tongue while sliding her finger in
and out of me.. Quickly the pace of both increased and in a less than
a minute she had me moaning as my impending explosion was nearing.

When it hit, it was like the world outside of the two of use just
stopped and went away. I remember the normal explosion of pleasure
working from deep inside me out to every nerve fiber in my body, and
the grasping sensation as my pussy started to grab at Meg’s finger
hoping to entice it to stay there for all eternity, but this was
different the connection and passion I left for Meg, how is both my
sister and my lover was so intense that is it had to explain. I knew
at that moment that no matter were life leads the two of us, we would
always return to being lovers whenever we where alone.

Meg waited until she felt my body stop trying to pull her deeper
inside of me, before she slowly pulled her wet finger out of me.. Then
slowly kissing her way back up to the standing position. She kissed me
full on the mouth, allowing me to taste my own juices, the taste that
I knew would be so much like her sweet nectar.

It was then that her cell phone rang. Reluctantly she broke our kiss
and grabbed her phone.

“Meg here, ” she said into the phone. “Yeah we are in Room xxx” come
on up.”

Closing her cell phone, and dropping it onto the table. She walked
back over to me. Knelt before me and in one swift motion slid my dress
back up my body. Then kissing me deeply she reached behind me and slid
the zipper up.

“I think we only have a couple of minutes before they arrive so let me
explain who ‘they’ are.” Explained Meg. “Before we left I signed up
for Sex Search, off of your blog to see if it is any good and did a
search for people here in Vegas. I found two sisters and a brother
that wanted to meet us when we got here…. They are on their way up,
I will completely understand if you don’t feel up to it Lisa.”

With that I leaned in and gave her a kiss.. “Meg I am fine with it,
the reason I have the ad on my blog is because I found the site off of
one of my regular sites ( and signed up so I could find
some friends when I am out on an assignment without you. So far all of
the folks I have met have been nice.”

Just then I heard some voices approaching the door, and then a light