Britney Sexy

Britney Spears – Rescuing Brittany

Driving to California seemed like a good idea at the
time. But here I was, seven days later, on the
outskirts of LA; broke, tired and pissed off. As I
approached my 25th birthday, I wanted something more
from life. I had been pouring concrete since I dropped
out of college. The money was alright, but the work was
One benefit though. All of that hard work had kept me
in excellent shape. But I just got fed up. Packed all
my stuff into the Dodge, and headed to California. The
trip had been terrible. Lousy weather, boring scenery,
and the tape player in the car had died one day into
the trip. What else could happen?

It was late at night, way past midnight. I had gotten
lost as I approached LA. And I found myself on a
deserted country road. Up ahead I saw a car that looked
like it had run off the road. The lights were on but
the car was pretty well stuck in a ditch.

I hadn’t seen another car in almost an hour, so I
thought I’d stop and see if they needed some help. I
stopped my car next to the Lexus and rolled down my
window. The driver of the other car rolled down his
window too.

“Need any help?”

“FUCK OFF, ASSHOLE!” The driver screamed at me. I
recognized him immediately. He played one of the nicest
guys in the world on that really popular TV show.

“Help me, Please!” The girl in the passenger seat of
the coupe cried out.

“SHUT-UP BITCH!” And he backhanded her across the seat.

“So do you have a problem?” He yelled. I saw him reach
under his seat for something. I couldn’t make out her
face but I could see she was silently trying to get out
of the car, as this creep was occupied with me.

I already had my hand on the sawed off shotgun on the
seat next to me. My trip through the Mid-west had
taught me to be prepared. He started to point a small
22 pistol at me. I already had raised my saw-off at him
and had my finger on the trigger as he opened his mouth
to yell at me again.
“Now where were we?” I said.

I think he crapped his pants; because all of the color
ran out of his face. I continued.

“You could fire that little gun, and maybe you would
hit me or my car and maybe you might even kill me. But
this thing is loaded with buck-shot, a lot of buck-
shot. It won’t kill you. But it would be a shame to
destroy that pretty-boy face of yours. Your call?”

The girl had bolted out of the car and was running down
the road. He looked at me. Looked up the road at her;
and dropped his gun out the window. I put down my gun,
gave him the finger and drove away. I looked into my
mirror. He wasn’t following me. I slid my gun, back
under my seat.

The Girl was quite a sprinter. She had made it well
down the road before I pulled up next to her. Opening
the door, I called out.

“Need a ride?” She hesitated, then got in. She was
soaking wet from running in the rain. I reached into
the backseat of my Dodge and grabbed a blanket.

“Here, this it’ll warm you up”

“Thanks” She said.

I didn’t recognize her at first. The rain had wrecked
her hair and make-up. By what I had seen of her dress.
Short little, black sequined thing, that it was; and
her jewelry. She must have had some money. Too bad for
Mr. Lexus asshole. We drove on towards LA.

“Where can I take you?” I asked. She started to cry.

“Not home to that Lexus Asshole, I hope?” This bought a
smile to her face. Now I recognized her. She was that
Teenage singer, BRITTANY SPEARS. Man did she look like
hell right now. Then she started to laugh through her

“God, no. A friend set me up with him. What an

She had stopped crying, and started to relax.

“Thanks for getting me out of that jam, back there. I
can’t believe what a creep that guy turned out to be.
What’s your name” She asked.

“Bobby, Bobby Rigguns. Your Brittany Spears aren’t you?
I asked.” She seemed pleased I recognized her.

“Yeah” She bashfully replied. I was speechless for a
moment. All I could think to say was.

“Well. I guess I ought to get you back to your hotel or
apartment or something.” She giggled at my clumsiness
and relaxed into her seat.

“I’m staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, in town” She

“Well if you’ll give me directions, I’ll get you
there.” She smiled that million dollar smile and
directed me towards her hotel.

On the ride into town, we talked about everything under
the sun. She really did seem like such a nice kid. I
was 25 and she was supposed to be 17. To look at her
now, she looked about 30.

We drove for about an hour or so. She pointed out all
the sights in LA as we drove pass them and eventually
her hotel was just up the street.

“Listen Bobby, there are usually a lot of photographers
outside of here. Could you pull around back, I really
don’t want my picture plastered all over the tabloids
looking like this.”

“Sure, anything you want,” I could understand that.
Photographed at dinner with Mr. Lexus-asshole;
returning at dawn rain-soaked and looking like hell.

“They have an entrance around back, just for occasions
like this. ” We drove around to the back of the hotel;
and pulled into a heavily shaded small parking lot.
There was no one around at this hour. I stopped the
car. Got out and opened her door. She smiled at my
chivalry. She got out of the car, still wrapped in my

“Thanks again.” Then she kissed me on the cheek. I
blushed like a school boy. She headed towards the door
as I walked around my car to get in, and drive away.
She hesitated at the doorway, and then called over to

“Bobby.” I turned around and walked over to her.

“Look, I know you don’t have anyplace to stay, and
well, I’d like to return the favor you did for me. So…
why don’t you come upstairs, take a shower, and let me
buy you some breakfast?”

My reply was instantaneous. “Sure, thanks.”

She smiled, in a pleased way, took my arm and we headed
up to her Hotel Suite. I already had a woody for this
girl. And Each time she rubbed her blanket covered tits
against my arm; it grew another inch.

We made our way up to her suite. She used one of those
card keys to unlock the door. Suite, smeet! This place
was huge. My old apartment was smaller then the living
room. She led me over towards the balcony, what a view.
She soaked it in for a minute.

“What do you think?” She asked.

I was standing behind her. The morning sun was
streaming through the windows. Her dress become
transparent it the early morning, light. Her tits and
ass were beautifully profiled.

“Spectacular.” She looked over at me appreciating the
view. Turned and gave me a slight kiss right on the

“I’m glad you like what you see.” Again she took my arm
and led me through the huge apartment.

She directed me down a short hallway to the guest

“The Bathroom is on your right and you’ll find a
bathrobe in the linen closet over there.” She pointed.

“Why don’t we get cleaned up and then I’ll order us
some breakfast.” She once again kissed me on the cheek
and then headed back down the hallway; to another part
of the apartment. Trailing the blanket behind her she
looked over her shoulder at me as she walked away. I
stared hypnotized, at her ass, as she walked away. The
dress was cut really low in the back. Clear down to the
top of her beautiful butt.

Obviously see had no bra on under this sequined frock.
And from what I could see, she probably didn’t have any
panties on either. But it was obviously that she was
wearing stockings or hose. My imagination drew a lurid
picture of her. Naked under that little black dress,
save, for a black garter and stockings. My prick gave a
lurch in my pants as she walked across the room. She
looked over her shoulder as I watched, smiled a
devilish smile. And swung her ass at me to emphasize
the point. Oh-boy…

I got undressed and looked at myself in the mirror. I
really did need a shower; and a shave wouldn’t hurt
either. As I looked in the medicine chest for some
shaving gear. She knocked on the door and came in
dressed in a fluffy bathrobe. I was standing there
naked as the day I was born.

“I was just coming to get your cl… oh, I’m sorry. I
didn’t realize you’d be naked. I was going to send your
clothes down to the laundry, while we had breakfast.”

I had piled them on the vanity.

“Nice butt,” she added.

“Thanks.” I replied. I grabbed my clothes and turned
and handed them to her. There I was standing full
frontal naked in front of this gorgeous teenager and I
was handing her my laundry. Of course this entire
experience had left me with a bit of a soft -on.
Brittany glanced down at my crotch and smiled as she
took my clothes.

“See you at breakfast,” she glanced again down at my
lengthening prick; and gave it a playful slap. “Bad

Then she turned and left me standing there

After a quick shower and a shave; I returned to the
living room. A pot of coffee was waiting for me. I
heard another shower going, in the other end of the
apartment. As I poured myself a second cup I heard the
shower stop and in a few minutes she joined me in the

She looked like a completely different person then the
one I had met a short while ago. Gone was all the runny
makeup. She actually did look like a teenager now. Her
hair wrapped in a huge towel and her tight teenage
frame covered by a matching robe.

“Hi,” another peck on the cheek. “Wow, you sure clean
up nice. I ordered us some breakfast. I hope you like
blueberry pancakes.”

“Love ’em,” I replied.

Practically on cue, there was a knock on the door.

“Room-service,” the waiter announced.

Brittany answered the door and let him in. “Out on the
balcony,” she directed him.

A few minutes later we were enjoying one of the best
meals I had ever had. As we talked and ate, her robe
slowly became undone. Bit by bit her freshly scrubbed
cleavage came into view. I couldn’t help but look. She
noticed my distraction but pretended not to notice. She
just giggled at me as I tried not to stare.


Her robe came undone down to her waist. Her robe
remained open like this as we ate. She nonchalantly
played with the open robe as we ate. Then she glanced
down and said,

“Opps!” And drew her robe around her body. I was sure I
saw a flash of nipples. She looked up to me, smiled and
giggled. “What were you saying?”

“Sorry, I lost my train of thought.”

“I guess were both pretty tired,” she said. “If you
want, you can crash in the guest room and get some
sleep.” While the possibility of stretching her teenage
pussy, was sounding very appealing. A couple of hours
sleep in a comfortable bed was tough to pass up.

“Sounds like a good idea.” We made small talk as we
finished breakfast. Then she led down the hall to my
room. Another quick peck on the cheek and she said,
“Sleep tight.” Turning, she heading back toward her

As she passed through the living room, her robe slowly
fell from her shoulders. I watched her butt swaying as
she walked across the room. The robe slide further down
her well-tanned back, then completely off. She was
completely naked as she exited the room.

Her whole body was covered with a perfect golden tan.
The idea of the gorgeous Brittany, stretched out,
naked, sunbathing by a sun drenched pool, was too much
to bear. My cock rose to full attention.

She dragged the bathrobe behind her with one hand, her
sculptured butt, jiggled as she walked. Opening the
door to her room, she entered, and then closed the
door, without looking back at me.

Wooo! I stepped into the guestroom and fell on the bed.
Surprisingly, I fell asleep almost instantly.


I was having this incredible dream. I was dreaming that
I was surrounded by all of these beautiful women. They
were taking turns giving me a blowjob. Ah, Hollywood.

Wait a minute?! I was slowly waking up, and this wasn’t
a dream! I opened my eyes to see a blonde head bobbing
over me. Brittany Spears was sucking me off for all she
was worth!

I began to respond and she looked up at me. Her golden
locks were splayed out across my crotch in a wild mess.
She took her mouth off of my dick and said, “Hi.”

“Don’t let me interrupt you,” I replied. It was all I
could think to say.

She smiled up at me and then went back to work. I
watched as her tongue snaked down my rock hard prick.
She was cupping my balls in one hand and gently jacking
me off with the other. Alternating between deep-
throating me and long licking strokes, of her tongue.

I struggled to hold back my quickly approaching orgasm.
But she would have none of that. She sensed that I was
about to come, by the quaking in my balls. She started
to jack me off with both of her hands. Staring at the
head of my dick; intently waiting for the impending
eruption. As the first shot burst from my dick head.
She clamped her lips around my dick head and sucked up
every last drop of cum I had to give.

Her double handed hand-job was milking me and the heat
of her mouth felt like hot velvet making I claw at the
bedspread as my cum shot, then ebbed, then dribbled.

What a mouth this kid had! After getting every last
drop out of my dick she just lay there in between my
legs. Her rock hard nipples scrapped my thighs. She was
resting her cheek against my now limp dick. A stray
strand of cum had given her a small milk-moustache.

Finally, she looked up at me, smiled like the contented
cat she was, “Good morning, sleepy-head.”

“Yes it is,” I replied.

Then I reached down and pulled her up to give her a
kiss. She responded in kind. Our lips met and our
tongues were instantly in each other mouth. Even though
she had just given me this fabulous blow job. She
tasted like strawberries. Her nipples rubbed against my
chest. My slowly hardening dick was nestled down by her
thighs. I placed both of my hands on her red hot ass.

I didn’t feel any of her pussy hair against my skin.
She shaved her pussy; my cock begun to stir once again.
My dick was responding to her much quicker now. Her
hands were busy just massaging my head and neck. My
hands were on her ass, kneading those rock hard cheeks
and searching for her tight little asshole and warm
little pussy. This was going to be fun.

I grabbed her ass in both of my hands and ground her
hot pussy into my throbbing cock. She purred into my
mouth, then reaching down between us she placed her
hand on my cock and gently directly it towards her
pussy. Rubbing my dick head against her clit, she
gently slid me into her hot, wet pussy.

It felt like heaven. We just lay like that for a few
minutes. Then she sat up and slowly humped my throbbing
cock. “Oh, yeah,” she whispered.

After an all too short of a time she hopped up off of
my steaming cock. “Not yet,” she said. Then she climbed
back onto the bed. This time she stood with her feet on
either side of my head.

“I hope your tongue is in as good a shape as the rest
of your body.” Then she lowered her hot, dripping pussy
towards my waiting mouth. She placed her hands on the
headboard of the bed, as I snaked my tongue into her.
Her pussy was cleanly shaven with out a trace of fuzz.
I guess all of those skin tight clothes, didn’t leave
much room for stray body parts.

I reached up and gently pinched her enormous nipples,
they were huge! They were a deep cocoa color, and they
were just waiting to be sucked. Her juices were running
down my chin as I shoved my tongue into the deepest
recesses of her hot celebrity cunt.

Brittany moaned loudly as her orgasm approached. My
tongue found her clit. She sparked like a firecracker
as I lapped at her. Grinding her pussy against my face,
then she was screaming as she orgasmed. It was wild,
she was shaking and squirting pussy juice all over my
face. Finally she collapsed in a heap beside me on the

We both lay panting, on the soaked bed sheets. Then in
unison, it seemed. We both gasped, “Wow!”

As we laid there in bed recuperating, I turned onto my
side. I wanted to take some time to really appreciate
this gorgeous teenage heart-throb, naked, beside me in
bed. She was lying on her back as I moved my hand
towards her waiting bosoms. She had great tits! But,
lying down on her back, like she was it was obvious
that she was sporting a bit of silicon. She smiled and
looking down, as my hand gently massaged her nipples.

“Like ’em?” She asked.

“Yeah, they’re beautiful.”

“I don’t know. My agent convinced me to get implants.
It feels like I’m carrying a couple of water bags
around. But I have to admit ever since I got them, I’ve
been getting a lot of press.”

“Let’s see how they taste.” I bent down and started to
kiss her left tit. Brittany moaned in approval. She
placed her hands on the back of my head to encourage me
on. My right hand was tickling its way down to her
waiting pussy. As my finger’s touched her clit, she
gently shook. I inserted one, then two fingers into her
wanting pussy. Her cunt was like a velvet lined vice.
It grabbed my finger and held me tight.

Slowly, gingerly I started a slow fucking rhythm with
my two fingers. She started to gasp for air as I
released her nipples from my adoring suckling. And
concentrated on finger fucking her velvet lined pussy.
My fingers found her G-spot deep inside her pussy. I
took my left hand the rubbed the spot just above her

She was pounding the bed with her clenched fist and
shaking her head wildly. Wave after wave of orgasm
raced through her body. My hands were slippery with her
juices. I slowly brought her back down to earth. And
then removed my fingers from her snatch. Once again
this wild sex-kitten was recovering from another mind
blowing orgasm.

“Wow! That was great!”

“It’s all done with mirrors.”

That made her laugh as she continued to try to catch
her breath.

My erection had been slowly returning as I finger-
fucked Brittany. She took notice of my condition; and
hopped out of bed. “Be right back.” And she ran into
the bathroom.

I heard her rustling around in the medicine chest, as
if looking for something. Finding it, she came bounding
back into the bedroom. I was sitting on the edge of the
bed as she came back into room. She was holding
something behind her back. I stood up as she
approached. We were about the same height. So this
bought us Face to face.

“So, you naughty boy. Do you make it habit of finger
fucking all of your women like that?”

“Only the lucky ones.” I smugly replied.

“Well,” She wrapped her arms around my neck, “I guess
we both got lucky today.” That said she hopped up and
wrapped her legs around my waist. This had the effect
of placing my once again, rock hard prick at the
entrance to Brittany’s hot, wet cunt. A slight wiggle
on her part and I was slid all the way in.

I was balls deep in her hot pussy. If there was a
heaven on this Earth, it had to be between this
beautiful girl’s thighs. Then I moved my hands down to
her rock hard ass; and started a slow fucking action.

As I slide her up and then slammed her down on my
aching cock she grunted, then she was biting my
shoulder as she once again climbed to another orgasm. I
was amazing myself, I had already shot a couple of huge
loads in this girl and I was still raring to go. I
guess this hot little sex machine riding my cock into
sexual bliss had something to do with it.

Then her body jerked with another orgasm and she clung
to me groaning in lustful ecstasy. It took all the
control I could muster not to shoot a load in
Brittany’s velvet snatch right at that moment. But I
didn’t know how many more loads I could muster; so I
wanted to make them all count.

Finally she was done and I sat back onto the bed, my
cock, still deeply rooted in her hot moist pussy. She
still clung to me, almost like a baby. After a few
minutes she looked into my eyes and smiled that million
dollar smile at me, “That was really great! It feels
like your dick is two feet long inside me. Where did
you ever learn to fuck like?”

I love it when women talk dirty to me. “It’s like they
say, in the music biz, practice, practice, practice.”

That made her laugh.

“I’ve got a treat for you now,” she eased herself off
of my dick and reached behind me for whatever it was
she had brought back from the bathroom. She pushed me
back onto the bed.

“Lay down,” she commanded. “Now rollover and get up on
your hands and knees.”

What did she have in mind? Of course I complied. There
I was, on my hands and knees. Brittany Spears was
ogling my naked butt and my swaying cock and balls. She
had a tube of something and she was squirting some of
the contents, liberally, into her hands.

Looking back between my legs I watched as she climbed
onto the bed behind me. Her huge tits swayed as she
came up behind me. She took my cock in both of her
hands and began to jack me off. This cream was like
nothing I had ever felt before. It was hot and cold at
the same time. My dick seemed to stretch another two
inches as she continued.

Then I felt her tongue. She was snaking her tongue
towards my asshole. She lapped and probed trying to
insert her tongue into my rectum. I couldn’t believe
it. The reality of the situation hit as she slowly
eased her tongue into my rectum. Brittany Spears was
tonguing my asshole as she was giving me the heavenly
hand-job. This “Must” be paradise.

Then just as suddenly she stopped.

“OK Romeo,” I looked over at her. “Time for you to fuck
me up the ass.”

Now I knew I was in heaven. “Yes, Ma-am!”

She smacked me on the ass and rolled me onto my back.

“Now you just relax, And let Brittany take care of
you.” She squatted over my dick. Balancing herself on
one hand; and guiding my rock hard cock towards her
sweaty asshole with the other. I placed my hands on her
hips, to help steady her. Then she found what she was
searching for; and nudged my cock head towards her
rectum. The cream she had liberally applied to my cock
was acting like a lubricant, I slid into asshole

Once my cock head was in, she paused to catch her
breath. Then she started to fuck herself on my cock.
Her tussled blonde hair was flying all over the place
as she fucked me. Her asshole was like a vise; A silken

She was really getting off on this and her tight grip
of her sphincter, kept me rock hard. I took my hands
off of her hips and placed them on her tits, and gently
pinched her nipples. Once again her body jerked with an
orgasm. She was grunting and moaning and screaming, all
at the same time. Pussy juice was flowing from her like
she was peeing. For all I knew she was.

I took my right hand and placed my thumb on her swollen
clit as she wildly rode me. She made her stop for a
second as if lightning had struck her. I was mauling
her clit with my thumb, making her grimace and sink
back heavily on my cock and quake with yet another
orgasm. This one made her asshole flutter, which did it
for me, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot what
felt like a gallon of cum deeply up her red hot ass.

It was then that I noticed the distinct smell. On her
last orgasm, she ‘had’ actually peed all over my
crotch. I loved it!

Finally, Brittany collapsed onto my chest, gasping for
breath. My cock was still imprisoned by her tight
throbbing sphincter. We stayed in that position for
what seemed like an hour. I think we actually dozed off
like that. When I awoke, it was starting to get dark

Brittany lay cuddled up in my arms, so I gently woke
her up, “Hey sleepy head, can I buy you some

She smiled up at me and replied, “Sure, but first I
want that dick up my ass one more Time.”

“Yes, Ma-am,” I said, ready to go again.

Ahh, California. Ya gotta love it.