Life with Alpha

Halloween this year fell on the weekend, so we were free and
clear to spend the whole day having fun. As it turns out, the whole
day in this case meant from noon on.

This year, I had convinced the super-hero women in the household
to wear their costumes for Halloween. That meant that Power Girl,
Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Rogue were wearing their comic book outfits,
which might as well have been fetish-wear given how it aroused me. I
mean, Rogue’s outfit is the most conservative, and even hers was
basically a skin-tight bodysuit with leather jacket. Zatanna was
wearing fresh fishnet stockings. Diana had her ‘eagle’ neckline
showing off her impressive bust, bare legs and rope hanging off her
hips. And Kara had a large oval cut out of her costume’s breast,
showing off the largest pair of boobs in the household.

Around 11am, Kara and Diana sought me out and took me to my room,
where a Batman outfit lay spread out on the bed. This was a nice
outfit too. Not leather, but it was made of good strong material, no
plastic. The body of the suit was stretchy, showing off my figure
instead of having muscles molded into the costume. Kara even applied
some kind of face paint to blacken the area around my eyes so they
would look right through the mask’s eyeholes. I was very glad the cowl
included earholes so I could actually carry on a conversation; not sure
how Batman would actually hear in this getup.

After I was dressed, I spent a minute in front of the mirror,
swishing the cape and growling, “I’m Batman” dramatically.

Kara grinned. “Not exactly the same, but I like it. Princess?”

“You remind me a bit more of the times when Dick puts on the

“I think you’re right. He’s even about the same height.”

I tried shifting my voice up a couple octaves. “Holy macaroni,
Power Girl. Do you think Wonder Woman is right?”

Kara replied, “I think both Dick and Bruce would absolutely hate
that old TV show, and I can’t wait to tell them about it next time I
see them.”

Diana giggled, which is not a common sound coming from her, so it
made us start laughing out loud.

“Speaking of which,” I said in my normal voice, “Thanks for not
picking out the TV show version of the costume.”

“Well,” said Kara, “just one more thing before we get you

She reached into my shorts and pumped my cock a little until it
was at full erection… then she tucked it back in my pants and
smoothed out the material over my hard-on, it’s outline easily seen in
the stretchy pants.

“You’re an evil, evil woman, Power Girl,” I complained.

She ignored my comment, taking my arm and leading me out, saying,
“Hopefully everyone is dressed and ready.”

All of the household was downstairs waiting for us. Zatanna and
Rogue were in full costume. Though no one else in the household had
seen it before, Beta Bayonnetta was also in full costume as her game
character, looking a lot like a sex-fetish version of a lady of Spain.

Jane was the first one to catch my eye. She was covered in blue
body paint and small pieces of strategically placed rubber, wearing a
red wig, looking like a very sexy Mystique from the X-Men movies. I’m
sure she chose that version because it was more daring, but I’m glad
she chose that version since it shouldn’t really trigger many bad
memories for Rogue. Jane was very much vamping it up, posing and
obviously enjoying her near-nudity.

Kasumi was dressed up as Cheetah, Wonder Woman’s nemesis.
Basically she was wearing a cat suit, patterned like a cheetah, with a
half-mask. The modern-era cheetah is an actual cat-girl of some sort,
and the golden age version didn’t wear a half-mask… but it was
obvious who she was meant to be.

Daria was dressed up as Catwoman from the Tim Burton movie, the
version who home-stitched her outfit out of leather. I think the
costume must have provided a bit of a bust-enhancement, because I’m
pretty sure Daria is still just an A-cup, whereas this Catwoman had
what appeared to be a C-cup. Still, the outfit covered nearly all of
her skin, which may be why she picked it. Plus, she got to carry a
whip… maybe wondering if she’d get a chance to use it on Jane?

The hardest to guess was Batgirl. Not the red-headed classic
Barbara Gordon Batgirl, but the Cassandra Cain Batgirl, with a full
face mask. I wonder if she picked it out herself or not, because it
was very appropriate to her character. Cassandra Cain is of oriental
descent (daughter of the master assassin Lady Shiva), mute (by
upbringing, not physical defect) and lacks social skills… all of
which could be used to describe Rei.

I went around guessing each person’s identity, complimenting them
on the outfits, which were indeed very well done. I guessed all of
them correctly (though I was only able to do so by leaving Batgirl for
last and using process of elimination).

We took off for the university’s Halloween fair in two vehicles,
since we couldn’t fit everyone in my minivan. For once, I didn’t
drive, since my mask limited my field of view. I sat in the back of
the van, squeezed in-between ‘Cheetah’ and Wonder Woman, with Power
Girl and Bayonetta in the middle seats, ‘Mystique’ driving and
‘Catwoman’ riding shotgun. I made Kasumi blush when I suggested Diana
put a collar and leash on her adversary. Kissing her didn’t seem to
reduce the blush at all, though I enjoyed trying.

“So why did you pick a Batman costume for me?” I asked Diana and

“Well, we had quite a debate about it,” Kara began. “Initially
there were a lot of votes for Tarzan, but that fizzled because you
don’t have much of a tan and you would probably refuse to wear it.”

Diana continued, “There were some votes for Superman, though
Zatanna kept insisting on Green Lantern for some reason.”

“Well, I do like Green Lantern. What about someone from Anna’s
universe?” Rogue was in the other car, so she wasn’t able to contribute
to this conversation.

“She wanted either Cyclops or Captain America, but couldn’t
muster the votes to win,” Diana explained.

“Not Gambit?”

“Kara asked that and she said… what did she say?”

“That you were both way too alike and different for that to
work,” Kara said.

“Alike? How am I like Gambit?”

“You date a lot of different women, I suppose,” Kara said with a

I hung my head in feigned shame.

“Eventually I pointed out to everyone that you were a rich,
handsome playboy with lots of girlfriends and a basement cave full of
gadgets and computers, so Batman was your natural costume,” Kara said.

“And that was that?” I asked.

“Pretty much,” Kara said.

“I approved of the Batman choice,” added Diana, “though I think
he was a compromise choice for most of the rest of the group. Just be
glad Jane was voted down. She wanted everyone to go in body paint.”

“It would have been awesome,” I heard Jane say from the front

“It would have been cold,” I replied.

“It can be both,” she protested. “Besides, it’s 70-something
outside right now; that’s plenty warm.”

“And the parties tonight?” I asked, “When it drops to the 50’s?”

“That just means we would have been all perky!” she said

“We’ll see if you still feel that way later tonight,” Kara said.

“Eh,” Jane said dismissively. “The nice thing about Mystique is
that I can change clothes and remain in character.”

We laughed.

The Halloween fair was surprisingly tame, given that it was run
by college students. Maybe the fun stuff didn’t start until after
dark. Still, there were snacks to be had, booth games to play, local
musicians providing music and costumes everywhere. No carnival rides,
but there was a haunted house.

We bought plenty of tickets and played lots of games. Out of 8
different carny-style games played, I won a grand total of: a pair of
fuzzy dice and a stuffed pumpkin with stitched on face. Kara, Diana
and Rogue tended to win a LOT. They eventually developed small crowds
of kids following them around, to which they distributed the various
stuffed animals they were winning. Zatanna was pretty accurate with
her throws and shots in the games, but she ended up doing an impromptu
magic show for children instead.

Beta, Elisa and Jasmine could have each easily matched the
others’ skills, but I had asked them to hold back, since their skills
were not supposed to be public knowledge.

The ladies attracted some appreciative looks, but this was a
college campus, so there were a lot of interesting and daring outfits.
Heck, I saw half a dozen other women wearing mostly body paint (two
that I’m pretty sure were wearing ONLY body paint).

I traded out companions constantly throughout the 3 hours we
spent at the fair, but Jane and Daria were my primary hosts/guides. (I
noticed that Beta, Jasmine and Elisa all tended to stay within line of
sight of me, which I appreciated.)

A little after 1pm, Daria guided me to the university library
saying she wanted to show me something. The TCU library was a three
story building, much larger than most public libraries, but not as
large and some other university libraries I had seen. She signed me in
as a guest and took me downstairs to the basement. The basement was
what I imagined as a classic college library — lots of close shelves,
dim lighting in most areas and lots of areas with twisty hallways,
small rooms and hidden side areas.

“So what do you want to show me?” I said, looking back where I
caught a glimpse of Elisa and Jasmine quietly following while they
tried to stay out of view.

She seemed a little preoccupied as she pulled me along. “I think
just around here… yeah, this will do,” she said, pulling me into a
small dark study room with a small table and two chairs, closing the
door behind us. From her purse, she pulled out a folded piece of paper
and taped it over the window on the door.

“Quick, get your pants off,” she said as she worked her Catwoman
body suit off, pulling her arms free.

I was seriously surprised. I would expect this from a few of my
women, but Daria?

“Okay, who are you and what have you done with Daria?”

She looked over at me with a little exasperation, nude from the
waist up. The Catwoman suit was apparently all one piece.

She grabbed at my pants, saying “I thought guys loved doing this
sort of thing. And since when are you going to refuse a chance to have

“Well, I do… I mean, I will… I want to, but this is kind
of… out of character for you…”

As I started to pull my pants off, she returned to working the
costume down her hips and legs. Panties were the only underwear she
had on, and those not for long.

“Yeah, yeah, hurry up and stick it in me,” she said pulling one
leg free.

“Not really very romantic,” I observed.

“Yeah, but it’s exciting and adventurous.”

“Are you sure this isn’t just some kind of bet with Jane again?”

“Uhhh… I deny any and all such accusations and demand a trial
by a jury of my peers. On a completely unrelated note, I’m glad to see
a definite lack of blue paint on your junk.”

“Hey, only guys get to call it junk. I refuse to go any further
until choose a different noun to describe my little guy.” I cupped my
junk protectively.

Instead she froze and asked, “Did you hear something?”

I stopped and listened. “Nope, but you’re welcome to step
outside to look around.”

“No thanks. Now quick,” she said sitting on the edge of the
study table, “stick your manhood in my womanhood and leave a deposit.”

This had to be the least romantic and sexually exciting encounter
I had ever had, and that was including various rendezvous with
Alphadroid Dorothy. I can do without romance, but I’d imagine even a
jaded prostitute could fake more excitement than Daria was providing.

“I feel so used,” I muttered as I pumped my cock. I focused on
her nudity. In doing so, I noticed a lack of moisture between her
nether lips.

I reached out and ran my finger along her labia. Usually her
implants would ensure that she was all juiced up and ready to go, but I
guess her fear of public exposure was enough to severely limit her
programmed reactions.

“Do you have any lubricant?” I asked.

She looked at me blankly for a moment. “No, I’ve… never needed
it before, so I didn’t think about…”

“No problem,” I said, as I knelt down and started licking. It
only took a minute or two for her flow to provide what I considered to
be sufficient natural lube.

I stood up and pointed my cock at her face. “If you could give
me a little bit of similar lubrication?”

She sucked me in, bringing me to full hardness and slobbering all
over my little man as best she could. She pulled back and said, “Now,
let’s do this quickly. I really don’t want to get caught.”

I entered her carefully, making sure I could move back and forth
smoothly without hurting her. She hissed as I crept in and out of her
vagina and urged me to go faster.

I was tempted to lean down and start teasing her about the risk
or how she was such an exhibitionist… but I knew she wasn’t and I was
afraid I’d just make this take longer. While it was exciting, I didn’t
want to get caught either. So instead I covered her mouth with mine to
mute her squeaks and hisses and picked up the pace.

At Daria’s insistence I was trying for a quick come, so I let
myself go and got off in a little under 5 minutes. I was happy to note
that Daria came once, although that is a subnormal result for Daria,
who was normally very multi-orgasmic.

After recovering and regaining our breath for a leisurely 30
seconds, Daria pushed me off of her and dug a packet of wipes out of
her purse. She cleaned herself up, then handed me a wipe while she
struggled to put her costume back on as quickly as possible. I had the
presence of mind to check her costume as it went back on and, yes, the
costume increased her bust by about two cup sizes.

Three minutes after I had come, we were both climbing the stairs
to leave. Jasmine and Elisa followed us out at a discreet distance,
though I should point out that at this time, the household had not yet
been introduced to them, so Daria took no note of them at all.

About 45 minutes later, Jane led me into the back of BB-gun-
target-shooting game run by art students. There was a small fairly
dark storage area between the mechanical but artistic targets and the
tarp-like back of the tent.

“Time for a little exhibitionist sex,” she whispered loudly.

“I don’t think it counts as exhibitionist if you’re hidden from
view,” I whispered back.

“Public sex, then,” she said as she undid my belt.

“Are you sure you want to do this now? Won’t your body paint get
all over my costume?”

“Yeah, and my rubber pube-covering is tacked on with spirit gum
and two-sided tape which would be a huge pain to reattach here, which
is why I’m giving you a blow job instead.”

She yanked my pants and underwear down to my knees and grabbed my
limp member in one hand. After tasting it briefly, she drew back and
looked at me accusingly.

“You taste like baby wipes and Daria.”

“Yup,” I said happily. “She snuck me into a library study room
where we did the nasty. I’m guessing you two had another bet?”

“Damn it. Well,” she started licking me while she continued
talking. “The bet wasn’t to see who could get to you first, it was
whether or not she’d do it at all. I guess the library counts. You
know, I had to win a bet just to get her to agree to take this bet. I
thought for sure she’d chicken out.”

“What are the stakes this time?”

“Loser spends the day — a school day, mind you — with a plug
stuck up her ass and ben wa balls in her pussy.”

Honestly I have no idea why they make these bets. I mean, yeah,
they made bets with each other sometimes throughout the TV series, but
not with stuff like this. I guess they were a great example of how
living people evolve and change much more than cartoon characters.
Plus there’s the whole deal with their implants that made them into
much more sexual beings than they were originally.

“I’d have thought you would have already done something like

“Not the ass plug. Those things are really uncomfortable,
especially when you sit down. Time to get to work. Feel free to make
porno noises if you want.” Which is ironic because she’s normally the
loud, vocal one during sex, which come to think of it made it a very
good thing she was giving me a blow job and keeping her mouth occupied
given our public location.

By now, between her stroking and licking me, I was mostly hard,
and she switched to full blow-job mode. Jane had eventually developed
enough skill that she could swallow me almost to the root. (For some
reason she just couldn’t get that last inch, which made no sense to me.
If you can swallow 8 inches, why not 9?) She supplemented her
swallowing with an active tongue and humming, rumbling throat.

Her hands wandered while she sucked, playing with my balls, butt
and asshole. Her fingers circled my balls, traced my perineum and
dipped inside my anus. Her mouth drew back so that her tongue could
play with my urethra and cock head, then plunged back down. With her
varied manipulations and the public setting, I took less than 10
minutes to blast off down her throat, despite having come less than an
hour before.

She swallowed it all, gave me a general cleaning lick, then
pulled my pants back up for me. Before she did so, I noticed that
parts of my genitals and thighs were smeared blue, but it would all be
covered by the costume so I wasn’t worried. On the other hand, the
paint on her face and hands definitely needed some touching up.

Jane was obviously thinking the same thing, since she pulled out
a cosmetic mirror and checked herself over. The light in here was
pretty bad, so she shrugged and stepped out the back tent flap.
Showing no shame, she pulled out a little pump spray of blue paint and
repainted her mouth, forearms and hands. (I helped with the spraying
to make things easier.)

“So you both got some hidden in a public place. Who wins or
what’s next?” I asked.

She leaned in close to whisper in my ear. “Same thing, but with
pussy instead of cock this time.”

I raised an eyebrow at her and whispered back, “Good luck.”

“I think you mean ‘Good hunting’,” she said as she walked off,
swaying her hips at me.

If they had to finish their bet before we left the carnival, they
only had… checking my watch… another hour and a half, since we were
planning to leave about 3:30pm.

I waved over Beta to get a general update on the gang. I guess
I’m used to having current location/activity information available to
me for my women because Alpha has nearly all of both home and work
locations under constant observation. Since I was the only person being
actively observed at the fair here (ie. being guarded), Beta only had
sketchy information on the others… though she did know that Daria and
Rei had gone off together.

So I bought an overpriced bottle of water and sat down to listen
to the musical entertainment, currently another small college rock band
of moderate talent. Beta joined me and a few minutes later, Zatanna
and Kasumi found us and joined us for a respite. I got some
appreciative glances when they both greeted me with a kiss. Kasumi was
carrying a stuffed penguin which she confided Zatanna had won for her.

Over the next half hour, the rest of the gang found us. When
Daria and Rei showed up, Rei actually looked slightly flushed, which is
unusual given her normal emotionless expressions. Eventually Jane
showed up, walking between somewhat smug-faced Kara and Diana. Later I
would confirm that yes, indeed, Jane had eaten them both out in the
same tent storage where she had sucked me off.

We visited a fraternity-created haunted house… which I had to
admit was pretty well done… then left for the Anderson Halloween

I’ve previously pointed out that I have friends and family
outside the life described in these chapters. (Well, I have no
immediate family left alive, that’s true, only aunts, uncles and
cousins.) As I’ve also pointed out, I deliberately leave them out of
the story. You may have picked up on the fact that I’m a fairly
private person and want to keep the two sides of my life as separate as
possible. But in this instance friends and my home life overlapped.
The Andersons are business friends. Well, Mr Robert Anderson is.
He runs the construction firm that I used to build my house and
renovate my office building and warehouse. When Kara and Anna smashed
up my staircase, he was the one I called. When my estate wall was
smashed into during the storm, he was the one who had a team out to fix
it in less than a week. Every year he gives a large Halloween party
for all of his major clients, hosted at a very nice downtown hotel.
I had attended both previous years and had enjoyed myself. All
the state’s movers and shakers attended. There were probably billions
of dollars represented, to say nothing of the political power. But one
of the rules was that everyone had to wear masks until dinner so the
schmoozing was kept to a minimum for the first couple hours of the
party which kept it fun.
I hit him up for enough tickets for my group, which was unusual
but he gave in when I pointed out that except for me, they were all
pretty young women.
Rob Anderson was a 40-something black man who was a genius at
getting large construction projects done under time and under budget.
His current wife was… well, let’s be honest, a trophy wife. Yori was
a gorgeous half-asian valley girl from California in her late 20’s with
a great sense of style and a surprisingly pleasant personality.
Rob’s daughter from his first marriage, Yvonne, was acting as co-
host. Yvonne was a college student studying business at Rice
University. She was only slightly younger than her step mother, but
was, in my opinion, much prettier.
Yvonne stands about 5’6″ with dark black skin, full lips and hair
styled in long ringlets that cascaded down her back. Her breasts and
butt were modest for black women but, as she liked wearing clothes that
displayed her assets, it was clear that those assets were a smooth,
soft and creamy chocolate.

It was almost ironic, given my predilections, that Yvonne was
dressed as Storm from the X-Men, with a long white wig and an outfit
that looked like Storm’s costume from her early Claremont/Byrne
appearances — black mid-riff-baring swimsuit, black leggings and a
gold-edged black cape.

Rob, who was dressed as Lando Calrissian, had already met most of
my group, but mostly only in passing. So I introduced everyone to Rob,
Yori (dressed as Princess Leia) and Yvonne as they entered. Yvonne was
having trouble standing still, as she had obviously been standing there
for quite some time greeting people. Still, she gave a smile when I
introduced Anna to her with “Rogue, meet Storm. Storm, Rogue. I’m
sure you two have a lot in common.”

Half an hour later, Yvonne bumped into me at the open bar, where
she asked, “So, how did you collect so many pretty women to bring?”

“Because I’m Batman,” I rasped back at her, which got a laugh.
“Why don’t you come over and join us for a while? Take a break from
being hostess for a couple minutes. Y’know, relax and just be a

Surprisingly, she did. Well, surprising to me. From talking to
my women at different times, I’ve apparently developed a very
attractive confidence and self-assurance (no doubt due to my
experiences with my own strong, intelligent women who are
overwhelmingly attracted to me), but at the time, I wasn’t planning on
bedding Yvonne. I was just trying to be friendly. Okay, maybe my
friendliness has been tainted with flirting over time, but it wasn’t
intentional flirting. Plus I was decently handsome, in good shape,
looked like I was in my late twenties and was richer than her father.

Yvonne apparently really enjoyed my group and was laughing and,
though I only recognize it as such in retrospect, flirting.

The party ran from 4 to 9 and though we didn’t arrive until about
4:30, Yvonne ended spending about two hours with our group.

About 7:30, I excused myself to go find a restroom. After
relieving myself, I started back to the party hall only to find Yvonne
waiting for me along the way.

“Come here,” she said, crooking a finger at me. She led me
around a corner, out of sight of any wandering partiers.

“What’s up,” I asked with a friendly smile.

In response, she grabbed my neck and pulled me into a fairly
intense kiss. I only froze up for a moment before I did my best to
return her lip-play. No tongues at that point, but it must have lasted
at least half a minute before we pulled back for a breath. Maybe I
should point out that we had passed the unmasking point in the party
and my cowl was hanging from the back of my collar, otherwise kissing
would have been a bit more awkward.

“That’s nice,” I whispered, as I dropped my hands to hold her
hips. “What brought that on?”

“I needed to see what it was like.”

“And how was it?”

“I need some more testing. Come on,” she started pulling me
toward the stairs. “I have a room on three.”

I let her pull me along, but asked, “Not that I’m objecting, but
do you do this often?”

“Not really, but I subscribe to the philosophy that experience is
better than timidity or regret.”

“I can appreciate that. Ummm… not to kill the mood, but I
don’t have any protection with me right now.”

“In the room.”

A few years ago, I probably would have asked her ‘Why pick me?’.
After having lived with Alpha and my women for a few years, questions
like that were no longer a big part of my personality. I suppose that
shows a degree of arrogance, which I need to curtail… but not right

As we moved up the stairs, I pulled her back to me for another
kiss, this time pushing my tongue into her mouth. I was trying to feel
out how she wanted this to develop. I started out gently pushing my
tongue against her lips, only to have her respond by shoving her tongue
forcefully into my mouth. Assuming she wanted a somewhat rougher
encounter, I responded in kind. I expanded our contact my sliding my
hands along her sides and under her costume to cup her wonderfully soft
and smooth ass. She couldn’t find easy access to my costume so she
settled for feeling up my chest.

When we broke off, she said, “I thought that was just the
costume, but this is really you?” She pinched my stomach.

“Of course, and this,” I lightly pinched her ass, “feels like
it’s really you.”

Her hands finally discovered that the costume’s belt isn’t really
a belt but part of the actual shorts that pull up over the stocking-
like leggings. In discovering this, she also felt the head of my cock
starting to poke up above the belt.

Before she reached inside my pants, I pulled her hand back a
little and said, “Too public. Wait til we reach your room.”

She gave me another kiss, grinding her breasts against my chest,
then pulled back and somehow fished a keycard out of her costume’s
belt. “Then let’s go,” she said, pulling me up the stairs again.

I had a moment of clarity of thought and pulled out my phone with
my free hand. She looked at me curiously, to which I said, “I’m
texting Beta that I’m stuck in the bathroom for a while.”

Yvonne nodded at me as I punched in a message that said, “Sex
with Y. Third floor.”

It’s entirely possible that Beta (or Gamma or Delta) was
following me surreptitiously, but if not, Alpha would have come
searching for me within a couple minutes.

About the time we emerged onto the third floor, I received a
reply: “D&G will be in Rm 314.”

Alpha was somewhat paranoid about letting me go off on my own. I
think she had watched too much TV and worried that Yvonne might be a
psycho or have a crazed ex-boyfriend waiting or something silly like
that. Although she was being discreet about it, Alpha was making sure
one of her bodies was near me all day long. And if you think that’s
being overprotective, that’s nothing compared to what she was like
after the Las Vegas troubles.

When Yvonne led me to room 316, I realized Alpha had set a record
accessing the hotel’s systems to find out where she was staying and
book the room next door.

Once we were inside with the door closed, our hands flew into a
confusing mess with both of us trying to strip off both costumes at the
same time. I pulled off my cape and cowl while she started pulling off
the dark body stocking that served as a shirt. While I pulled down my
shorts, she whipped off her white wig and headpiece. I started trying
to pull off her one-piece costume body, but she stopped me, indicating
that the thigh-high boots had to come off first. I helped her with
that, taking a generous feel of her thighs and legs in the process.
Though not a foot fetishist myself, I’ve done some toe sucking in the
past and tried to do some with her. She moaned a little in response
but was too impatient to enjoy it. Once both of her boots were off,
she pulled off her body costume while I started working my leggings

In short order, we were both naked and fell onto each other on
her bed. Although I had ejaculated twice earlier today, the prospect of
having sex with someone new, someone young and beautiful, not to
mention my first black woman, was easily enough to have me rock hard
with my cock bouncing between us.

She had luscious, soft black skin, full lips and large almond
eyes. Her breasts were probably B cups and felt soft and natural, with
hard, wide chocolate nipples topping each mound. She was obviously not
an athlete but had that firmness of youth that was so enticing yet
didn’t prevent her flesh from being soft and giving in all the right
places. Her bush had a bikini trim, but that was all, with her
glistening pubic lips covered with soft downy fur.

We kissed each other with a mild ferocity while our hands
explored each other’s body. Although her hands wandered all over me,
they kept returning to my erection, stroking me, gripping the shaft and
rubbing the head.

“Oooo… aren’t you a big one,” she growled at me. “We can’t
take too long or I’d suck you off and play with you more first.”

“Where’s… aahhh… the condoms?” I asked.

“Just a sec,” she said, hopping out of bed and dashing off to the
bathroom, giving me a wonderful view of her ass.

Half a minute later she was back, dropping a box on the bedside
table and brandishing a small foil-wrapped circle in one hand and a
tube of lube in the other.

“I hope it’s big enough,” she said, taking the foil square in her
teeth and tearing it open.

She sat by my cock and paused before rolling the condom down my
dick. “What’s this blue stuff?”

Damn it, I thought. I had forgotten all about the body paint. I
couldn’t think of a good lie, so I went with an approximate version of
the truth.

“It’s body paint from Jane… you know, the one dressed up as
Mystique. Earlier this afternoon, she got dared to pull down my pants
and ended up doing a bit more. I didn’t bother cleaning it up because
I wasn’t expecting anything like this to happen this evening.”

“You should of stripped off her pants too.”

“She’s not wearing any. Her costume appears to consist of body
paint and glued on pieces of rubber or something.”

“Really? I only remember seeing her sitting down.” Which was
either a lie or she really didn’t pay attention when we were in the
greeting line-up. “Maybe Storm should zap her ass later on.”

“Nah, it’s okay. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it

“Oh yeah? Well, then shame,” here she paused to lick the length
of my cock. “On.” She engulfed the head in her mouth and swirled her
tongue around it. “You.” She lightly bit just behind the helmet.
“Too.” She dug her tongue into the tip of my urethra.

Finally, she rolled the condom down my penis, rubbed it down with
some lube, applied some to herself, then lay down next to me, plunging
her tongue into my mouth.

When we broke the kiss, I said, “I’m more than willing to give
some oral attention if you want.”

She shut her eyes briefly. “Yeah, I do want, but if we take too
long, Dad’ll come looking for me.” She urged me to move on top of her,
and I eagerly obliged.

Yvonne hissed as I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her
slit for a moment before pushing gently until the head was inside. I
was going very slowly to avoid hurting her, or at least that was the

“Shove it all the way inside. Come on,” she demanded.

“Are you sure? I’ve bruised people before,” I asked.

“Do it.”

I pushed in full length in one stroke. Deep inside, her natural
juices weren’t sufficient but the artificial lube was helping. As I
bottomed out, I could feel myself pushing against her cervix slightly.

“Oh yeah,” she hissed.

Pulling out almost completely, I repeated the stroke even harder.
She obviously preferred it this way, so I kept up the pace and
strength. I could feel her hands roaming my back and ass, with her
nails occasionally digging in. I wondered if she was drawing blood,
but really didn’t care at the moment.

She came after a little over 5 minutes of fucking, her body going
into an all-over shiver and shudder, punctuated by loud orgasmic cries
of “Yes! Oh Yes!” almost like she was in a porno movie.

After she calmed down, I stuffed a pillow under her ass, lifted
her legs so her knees were almost draped over my shoulders and plunged
back in. In this position, my cock was knocking on the door of her
uterus with every stroke.

I think I was only a minute or so from coming when I felt the
condom tear.

“Damn!” I pulled out and saw that it had torn near the tip and
started rolling down my shaft.

“Just a minute,” I said. Yvonne seemed a bit out of it, trying
hard to focus on what I was doing to figure out why I had stopped.

When I had a replacement condom on, she had recovered enough to
say, “Wait. Just a sec…”

She flipped herself over and got up onto her knees, head mostly
buried in the pillow. Reaching back, she pulled her pussy lips apart
and said, “Okay, go.”

I took just a moment to enjoy the sight of the gash of bright wet
pink looking at me from a sea of dark chocolate. With all the juices
leaking out of her, there was obviously no need for more lube this

I sunk myself back inside her and restarted my pumping. Once I
had regained my rhythm, I gave up my very enjoyable grasp of her hips
and reached under to play with her clitty. One of her own hands was
already there, frigging like crazy, so instead I leaned over her and
cupped her breasts, tweaking and fingering her hard thick nipples.

Bending over her like that meant that I couldn’t give the same
power to my thrusts as before, so I left her breasts after only a
minute of play. Instead, I wet my right pinkie finger with her juices
and worked it into her ass as I pumped my hips. As soon as my little
finger had entered her dark ring, her pussy clenched down on me. It
only took another minute for me to near my orgasm.

“I’m almost there,” I warned her.

“Spank me!” she demanded.

I swapped my pinkies so that her ass was still getting attention
and my right hand was free. Then I started swatting her rear with my
right hand. I wasn’t trying to bruise her, but I wanted her to feel it
so I swatted pretty sharply.

“Come on, baby, you know you want it hard,” I said, trying to
encourage her.

The next time her pussy clenched up on my member proved to be my
breaking point. I gave her one final slap, then thrust deep and spewed
into the condom. Feeling this, she froze up, then started shaking like
before. I think she said something too, but her face was buried in a
pillow at the time.

When I had recovered sufficiently, I withdrew and sat on the edge
of the bed. I carefully took off the condom and tied it off.

Yvonne was recovering, but still apparently out of it a bit. I
touched her arm trying to get her attention, to no avail. I leaned
over, kissed her cheek (her lips were mostly buried in the pillow) and
said, “Yvonne?”

“Huh? What?”

“If you’re worried about being searched for, we need to leave
soon. By the time we get cleaned up, we’ll have been gone half an

“Okay. Cleaned up?”

Still not mentally focused yet, apparently. I picked her up and
carried her into the bathroom. I stood her up in the shower, turned on
the water, flushed the condom and joined her.

Five minutes later, we were both clean enough to pass and getting
redressed. My back had stung in places under the shower, but there was
no flow of blood, so I’m pretty sure the scratches were superficial.

“Frank, that was really good. Amazing even.”

“You’re pretty good yourself. The next time you’re in town, give
me a call and I’ll see if I can give you something better than a

“That was a quickie?”

“Well… yeah. What do you consider a quickie?”

“When the guy comes in two minutes or so.”

“Ouch.” Our actual fucking had lasted 15 minutes at most. “I
guess that’s the drawback to college guys.”

“No, that’s the drawback to GUYS in general. I’ve only ever
slept with two college guys.”

“Then maybe you’ve just had bad luck with guys so far.” I really
wanted to inquire as to more specifics, but that would be rude…
probably. Darn, maybe I was just overcompensating since she was my
first real woman in years.

“Well, just a second here,” I said as I zipped up her second
boot. I fished my wallet out of my ‘utility belt’, and pulled out one
of my business cards with my personal cell number. “Here, that’s my
private number and email. I know you go to college half a days’ drive
south, so I’m not going to call you. If you’re back in town and want
to give me a chance to show you a better time, call or write me. Now
let’s go and make sure we aren’t in trouble.”

She put my card in a small suitcase on the dresser.

Before we stepped out of the room, while I was putting on my
cape/cowl, I said, “I’d also appreciate it if your father didn’t know.
You can do what you want, but it would probably make our future
business… uncomfortable.”

She smirked, “Dad doesn’t know half of what I do. And probably
wouldn’t want to know.”

I offered her a crooked arm and we strolled back to the party.
We separated just before re-entering.

As it turns out, my women had broken into smaller groups to try a
few of the activities — bobbing for apples, painting pumpkins, dancing
— and the rooms were crowded so everyone just assumed I was somewhere

A minute after Yvonne was out of sight, I got a call on my phone.
Beta needed to talk to me in a bit of privacy, so I hurried back to the
hallway to meet her.

As soon as she was relatively sure we weren’t in danger of being
overheard, she said in a low voice, “Your encounter with Yvonne was

“What? Who was? I mean, who was doing the recording?”

“I believe she was. A small USB webcam was connected to her
laptop and set to start recording as soon as the camera sensed motion.
Her laptop had the built-in wireless access enabled, so Delta and Gamma
were able to access it with only minor difficulty. Her computer has 7
other intimate encounters recorded and stored on it.”

That was… unexpected.

“Any indication as to intent?”

“Not yet.”

“Okay. Copy all the videos and personal files. We’ll look at
them later. Then delete the video with me on it. Actually, don’t just
delete it, shred it and clear the history of references to it. If you
can, make it look like one of the settings was incorrectly set or
something. We’ll hope she isn’t enough of a techie to find out that
she was hacked.”

“Working. It will be completed in approximately 10 minutes.”

“Thank you. And good work. I really didn’t expect anything like
that to happen.”

“You’re welcome. I live to serve.”

I kissed her softly on the cheek. “You live to be yourself and
help bring about a good future for yourself and the human race. And
you’re doing very well so far.”

We left the party a little over an hour later, but in that hour I
was able to dance with all of my women and Yvonne. Not that I’m a good
dancer, but I can usually avoid embarrassing myself too much.

I was really tempted to confront Yvonne about her camera, but I’m
used to keeping secrets and just kept quiet. She told me should would
be back in town at the end of November but probably wouldn’t be able to
get away from her family then. She proposed driving up over a weekend
and spending a Saturday night with me. I said that sounded like a good
possibility, but to only do it if her class schedule allowed her a
weekend off. And to be sure to email me first, since my schedule was
pretty full too.

Even ignoring the video, I didn’t know if I wanted an actual
long-term relationship with her. If she was just a wild-child
rebelling against her divorced parents, then she was probably of no
long-term interest to me until she grew up some more. But I didn’t
want to reject her offhand or hurt her. For that matter, she might be
or grow into my soul mate.

It was close to 9 when we left. While we were driving home, I
texted a conversation with Alpha. I confirmed that the other videos
showed Yvonne sleeping with different men, 5 different men and one
woman in 7 videos as it turns out. (The woman was a bit of a surprise.
College experimentation maybe?)

Given the number of people we knew she had slept with and my
broken condom, I had Alpha prep her nanites to give me a quick STD
examination. With the nanites, we could examine and diagnose immediately
before any possible symptoms showed up, and especially before I passed any
infections along to the rest of the household.

When we got home, I had Kara set up her first movie (John
Carpenter’s The Thing) and excused myself for half an hour to the

As it turns out my paranoia paid off. There were traces of
Chlamydia trachomatis (ie Chlamydia) working its way up my urethra.
Fortunately it was quickly and easily treated. Heck, all you need are
antibiotics. Nanites are overkill. (And on Yvonne’s behalf, I should
point out that most women who have Chlamydia have no symptoms and don’t
know they have it.)

While that was being worked on, we started sorting through
Yvonne’s personal information. By hacking her email, it quickly became
apparent that she and half a dozen of her friends made a habit of
recording their sexual encounters and sharing the videos. They would
rate the guys and performances, offer suggestions and trade information
if they were interested in the showcased performers. Oddly enough, her
group was pretty open about sexuality; the videos were about 60% male-
female, 30% female-female and 10% threesome or orgy. Yvonne hadn’t
showed up in any of the 3-or-more videos, but her emails showed an
interest in trying. I almost wanted to let her share my video so I
could see my ratings.

I cleaned myself up, asked Alpha to remind me to send Yvonne an
email about her chlamydia in a few days and rejoined my ladies with
their movie.

I got there just in time for the upside-down head to spiderwalk
across the screen. I snuck up behind Kara and was about to do a finger
spiderwalk across her back when she said, “Frank, why don’t just sit
down instead of doing whatever surprise you’re planning to do.”

I muttered, “Stupid supersenses take all the fun out of trying to
make you jump.” Then I squished in-between Kara and Anna where they
had left a space not quite big enough for me to sit.

They were both still in their costumes, so I was squashed between
lots of exposed flesh on one side and no-exposed-skin-but-nothing-left-
to-the-imagination on the other side. I’d guess Rogue had never seen
this movie before, because the jumping blood and crawling body parts
had her jumping a bit. I put an arm around her back and held her close
for the rest of the show.

About half the household went to bed after The Thing ended, but
the superheroes and Jane stayed for the second feature, Dawn of the
Dead. I snuggled up to my women to enjoy undead cannibalism and stupid
living people at their finest.

It was after 2 am by the time the movies ended. All the popcorn
had been eaten, all the beers and soda pop drunk.

“Bedtime!” I announced as I struggled to stand up. I found that
my left leg had gone to sleep, so I sat back down.

“Are you going to sleep down here or something?” Kara inquired.

“My leg’s asleep, so just give me a minute,” I explained, not
sure if Kara was even my intended bedmate tonight.

“I think we can help with that,” Anna said. She bent down,
picked me up and tossed me over her shoulder.

“Hey!” I complained. “Careful there.” My leg really was
tingling painfully at the moment.

“Oh hush,” she said, slapping my behind lightly. “I carried the
Professor around all the time.”

“And you probably did so much more nicely or he would’ve brain-
blasted you.”

“Yeah, but you’re tougher than he is, so no complaining,” she
said, carrying me to the stairs.

“I’ll complain if I want to,” I sulked quietly, which got me
another slap on the rear end. The hand stayed there as she carried me
upstairs, massaging my butt and feeling me up as best she could. I
didn’t have the cape/cowl on anymore, but I was still wearing the
tights and shorts, so she could cop a significant feel very easily.

As I was being carried, I noticed that we had quite an entourage
tonight. Kara, Diana and Zatanna were all following Anna to my room.

“Not that I’m complaining, but what’s up? Why so many people

“Well, we…” Anna started, then paused.

Zatanna picked up the explanation. “Since the four of us are the
ones who are trapped away from our home dimensions, we wanted to thank

“We’d be alone, broke and probably either in an asylum or prison
or a lab somewhere if not for you,” Anna continued.

“So we wanted to thank you as ourselves,” Diana added, gesturing
at her costume.

“Plus, I’m sure you have a superhero fetish, so if the four of us
smother you with sex tonight, it should be an extra-special thank you,”
said Kara with a grin.

We entered my room and Anna laid me down on my bed. I looked at
at four beautiful ‘superheroes’ and asked, “What now?”

“Whatever you want,” Zatanna replied, with a grin and a small
wiggle in her hips.

I thought for a moment, then said, “Let’s all focus on one person
at a time in… uhhh… in the order of your arrival here. Which means
Kara’s first.”

I directed the action as we stripped Power Girl of her costume
and arranged her in the middle of the bed. I kissed her intensely as
the rest of the women teased and enjoyed the rest of her body. As I
worked my way down her body — kissing her lips, neck, breasts and
nipples, belly, digging my tongue into her belly button, teasing her
well-trimmed pubic hair and finally reaching her vagina — the other
women surrounded us. The rest of my costume was slowly stripped off
and all of Kara’s body was caressed and aroused.

As I ate her out, enjoying the familiar taste of her freely
flowing vaginal juices, Anna and Zatanna sucked her nipples and
Diana… instead of just kissing Kara, Diana was licking Kara’s lips
and face. Kara’s tongue darted out to meet Diana’s when it passed her
lips, and for a moment Diana seemed intent on licking Kara’s tongue
clean. The sight drew my attention away from my task at her vagina
until Kara’s hips thrust up into my face, and I returned my attention
to the cunnilingus at hand.

After about three minutes of clit-licking and fingering her
vagina from the inside, I crawled up between her thighs and started
fucking. Anna and Zatanna kept their attention focused on Kara’s
breasts, while Diana had shifted so that her crotch was under Kara’s
head, supporting her head like a star-spangled pillow.

Having come three times already today, I doubted my ability to
get off more than once or twice, even with the fantastic fantasy
situation I was in, so my goal was to give Kara a good orgasm and move
on down my list.

I pumped in and out for a few minutes before I had to slow down
to avoid getting too close to popping off. Instead I kept fucking
slowly and used my fingers to play with her clit, rubbing the clitoral
hood back and forth as if I was masturbating a tiny penis while
continuing our actual intercourse.

“Bite her nipples… not too hard, but let her feel your teeth,”
I told Anna and Zana.

Finally the sensory overload was too much for Kara and she
started thrashing in orgasm. This was probably the most energetic
orgasm I had seen her have and I was glad I had two other super-strong
females handy to hold her down.

When she finally calmed down, I pulled out, leaned over her and
gave her a deep, loving kiss.

“I love you, Kara.”

Then in a switch that would seem inappropriate under almost any
other circumstance, I turned to Rogue and said, “Now it’s your turn.”

Anna Marie/Rogue had long since removed her jacket, but her green
and yellow jumpsuit still needed to be peeled off her hard body and
long, long legs. While Kara slowly recovered her wits, Zatanna, Diana
and I slowly peeled Anna’s suit from her very aroused and somewhat
sweaty body.

When Kara showed signs of sitting up and joining us, I gently
pushed her back down and moved Anna into position above her in a 69
position. I guided Anna down onto Kara’s mouth and pushed her head
down into Kara’s pussy. Diana moved to play with their titties while I
had Zatanna insert my manhood into Anna’s overheated slot.

As I started fucking Rogue, I could feel my balls brushing Kara’s
nose and every few strokes, I felt her tongue scrape the bottom of my
cock as I moved in and out. Meanwhile, Zatanna continued our kiss and
ran her fingers over my ass and across my anus. Diana moved about our
tableau at will, stroking breasts, kissing and licking wherever she
wanted and generally doing her best to enhance the experience for all
of us.

After 10 minutes of so, Anna had come once and was building to a
second orgasm. Instead of stopping to move on as I had planned, I was
too far gone this time. When Zatanna’s fingernail lightly scraped
along my perineum on the same stroke that Kara licked my shaft, it was
too much to bear and I came, spewing my seed into Anna’s grasping

If not for Zatanna, I might have collapsed onto Anna’s back. As
it was, I took a moment to recover, then laid back.

“I’m going to need a little help here,” I said, gesturing at my
half-limp cock.

In other circumstances I probably would have just rolled over and
gone to sleep, but tonight was too good an opportunity to not take
advantage of it as fully as I possibly could. I could probably
convince the ladies to dress up and repeat tonight for me in the
future, but (1) it would be a repeat and (2) tonight was a gift from my
super women.

Anna rolled off of Kara to rest herself for a few minutes, but
the others took up my challenge. Wonder Woman and Power Girl stretched
out on the bed so their heads met at my crotch, and their tongues set
about cleaning my penis and working to arouse me.

Zatanna positioned herself next to me, kissing my cheek and
guiding my hand to her legs, encased in fishnet stockings.

“Black Canary always said that our fishnets were designed to
catch men’s eyes,” she said with a wink.

As I ran my hand down her thigh and calf, I asked, “I always
wondered how you avoided getting tears in these all the time.”

She grinned back at me. “Back home, my magic repairs it every
time I get dressed. Or rather, every time I ‘Teg desserd’ or ‘Emutsoc
raew’ or something similar. Canary bought fishnets in bulk, I think.”

By the time Anna rejoined us, I had begun removing Zatanna’s
outfit a piece at a time. By the time Zatanna was naked, I was fully
erect again and I turned my attention to Diana’s much less complicated

For our final round of carnal pleasure of the night… ummm…
early morning, I lay Diana down on the bed, then put Zatanna above her
so that both pussies were facing me and both sets of titties were
pressed against each other.

I worked up a rhythm where I would fuck one of them for half a
minute to a minute, then switch to the other. Though I tried changing
targets for each stroke, I found that was too much work… or more
correctly, my ability to accurately insert myself into the different
vaginal canals was not up to par for such quick change-ups. However I
did discover the pleasures of fucking between their tightly pressed
pussies, which had the added advantage of stimulating both clits at the
same time.

Kara and Anna spent their time on either side of me, playing both
with me and the ladies in front of me. Kara briefly tried licking my
balls from behind as I fucked, but it really slowed me down when she
did so.

I’m not bragging when I say that Diana and Zatanna both came at
least three times each. Tired and drained as I was, this was a twenty
minute fuck at least (and I wasn’t holding myself back at all either).

I finally came, spewing what little juices I had left between
their bodies, coating their stomaches with my seed.

As I collapsed on the bed, I asked, “Could one of you who still
has some energy go get a couple damp washcloths to clean us up? And
thank you, all of you, for tonight. I love you. Had I the energy, I’d
never want tonight to end.”

They murmured back something or other, but I was already drifting
off to sleep.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please forgive any liberties taken with the actual TCU.
I have no idea if they have Halloween carnivals or what their building
layouts are like.

AUTHOR’S NOTE 2: The Yvonne story will be picked up later on, but the
next two chapters are already ‘spoken for’. I may end up doing another
side story to deal with her and her college chums in the future.