Demi Moore Nude 1

Fun with Bruce and Demi Moore


You say that name to people and they immediately have
visions of fame and fortune. Nothing but hot and cold
running stars, and streets paved with glamour and glitz.
Fact is though, it’s more like living inside a really
noisy, smoggy light-bulb.

Everybody’s out for themselves, and unless you’re
somebody, nobody gives a shit about you. It’s all about
greed and lust. If you got the cash, you can get
whatever, or whoever, you want… and if you want the
cash, you gotta be willing to give them what they really

That’s where I come in.
Buddy Longs the name, and there’s plenty of names for
what I do. Gigolo, playboy, hustler, male escort, boy-
toy, you name it. Sure, I’m not much to look at, but then
again, what balding, over-weight guy pushing forty-five
is? Friends tell me I look like Dennis Franz’s fatter
less-attractive brother, but hey, who needs friends
anyway. The point is I got the equipment, and, more
importantly, I know how to use it.

God gives everybody a gift, or so I’m told. Some are
great writers, or musicians, or artists. Others have a
skill for sports. Others become great doctors or lawyers.
What His All-Mighty bestowed upon me though is something
altogether unique.

Though I initially come off as just another fat slob with
dandruff and a bad mustache on the outside, underneath
beats the heart of a man who can satisfy any woman,
anywhere, anytime, in ways that she’s never even dreamed

How do I do it, you ask. Well, let’s just say I have,
over the years, staked a reputation for myself with the
more well-to-do ladies in town of being able to bring
them to earth-shattering orgasm without even really
trying. Plus, having a well-trained tool the size of
Texas doesn’t hurt either! Hey, it’s a living…
by Buck N. 1998
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“Now stick it in her ass,” Bruce said, as he settled back
in the arm-chair and started stroking his surprisingly
small dick. “C’mon, man! Fuck the shit right outta that
tight little hole!”

“Hey,” Demi snapped back, shooting her husband a deadly
cold stare. “You never said anything about this!”

Before she could say another word, I grabbed her naked
well-toned frame by the hips and pulled her fat-free butt
to my groin. She twisted and squirmed, trying in vain to
pull herself free.

“You know you want it,” Bruce replied, flashing that
famous smirk.

Using one hand to part her well-toned ass cheeks, I
rested the head of my long thick world-famous knob
against that cute little pink ass-button of hers. She
shrieked with surprise as I pushed my slick shiny
mushroom head in, feeling her ass muscles clench around
my veiny shaft as I grinded deeper and deeper into her.

“Oh, God,” she screamed. “It’s… too… BIG!!!”

She just didn’t seem to want to relax, and I could only
get about half of my bulbous foot-long dong into her.
Regardless, I hunched over her back and started pumping
that ass for all I was worth! I could hear and feel my
big round hairy sweat-soaked low-hanging Budweiser-belly
slapping loudly against her arched back as I repeatedly
stabbed her with my pole.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Bruce laughed, stroking his miniature
tool faster and faster. “Give it to her good!”

“You fucker,” she hissed at him, as I felt her starting
to loosen up a notch. “I hope you’re enjoying this!”

“Don’t worry, honey-buns.” He stood up. “I am.”

As I humped that hole with my renowned machine-like
definitude, Bruce strolled over to the other side of
their enormous bed and stroked his dick inches away from
her face. Grabbing one of her swaying tits, he began
smearing his semi-hard shank all over her lips and
cheeks. Demi quickly turned her face from side to side.
From my vantage point I couldn’t see her expression, but
the sad disappointment on Bruce’s puss told me tell she
wasn’t enjoying that as much as he’d hoped.

Frustrated, Bruce shoved his rod in her mouth, grabbed
her dark short-cropped hair and started force-feeding her
his meat. “Suck it, ya pompous stuck-up bitch,” he
ordered, and she reluctantly complied. Man, I thought,
this guy is harsh.

I had met Bruce earlier that Saturday night at Johnny
Depp’s Viper Room, a teen-star hangout famous for all the
young pretty-boy actors that have passed out on the front
curb. I was making my way into the VIP john when the door
suddenly swung open and caught me right in the face!

I reeled back, not really feeling the pain thanks to the
dozen or so Buds I had downed during the course of the
evening, and tried to focus on the irritated face that
stared at me from the doorway.

“Watch where you’re going,” I heard a voice say. “Ya’
dumb fat fuck!”

Blinking hard, I finally focused on a familiar face.
“Hey,” I said, smiling. “You’re him!”

“Who the fuck else would I be,” he grumbled, pushing past
me. I lowered my hand from my bleeding forehead,
revealing my face. Suddenly he did a double-take and
stared at me. “Hey, you’re him!”

Is there a freakin’ echo in here, I thought to myself.

He walked back up to me and smiled. “Aren’t you Buddy

“Yeah, I guess I am,” I said, trying to shake off the
slowly growing ache in my head.

“Hi, I’m Bruce Willis,” he said, holding out a hand.

“I thought I recognized you,” I said, suddenly noticing
the tiny fleck of white powder on his nose. “Loved that
exploding building flick you were in.”

“Uh, thanks,” he said, grabbing my arm.

Before I knew it he pulled me into the men’s room and
squeezed me into one of the stalls. Locking the door
behind us, he put his face up close to mine.

“I’m not really into guys, y’know,” I said, backing away
as far as I could.

“Is it true what they say about you,” he whispered,
accidentally spitting on me a little.

“What do they say,” I asked coolly, wiping the goober off
my cheek.

“That you can make any woman cum, anywhere, anytime?”

“Well, if that’s what they’re all saying,” I chuckled.
“Then who am I to argue?”

“Ever do a threesome?”

“Like I said, I don’t do the fellas.” He was really
starting to creep me out.

“I know, I know,” he snapped back, getting a little
pissed off. “I just wanna watch you at work, y’know what
I mean?”

I nodded and winked. “Gotcha,” I said, not wanting to
look like an idiot. It was just about then I realized my
shoe was soaking in the toilet bowl.

What is it about married guys? I mean, they should be
gettin’ it on a fairly regular basis, but for some reason
they always want something different. Something out of
the ordinary.

Take our pal Bruce here. He’s married to this totally hot
piece of ass, but still can’t settle for just that. Now,
he’s askin’ yours truly to give his wife the high hard
one while he just sits and strokes off. Whatever floats
your boat, I figure.

I must have stood in that stall for almost half an hour
while Bruce snorted coke and whined on and on about how
he can’t get his wife to cum. He’s tried everything he
says, but no go down below, y’know. (Hmmm, I could’ve
been a poet.)

For my usual fee of fifty bucks cash, I tell him, I can
make his sweet Demi holler loud enough to wake River
Phoenix! He stares at me like I’m talkin’ Chinese, and
then finally reaches into his pocket and pulls out a fat
roll of cash. Hey, fifty bucks is fifty bucks, ya’ cheap

If ya’ wanna play, I always say, ya’ gotta pay! (Damn, I
should’ve been a poet!)
As he drove me back to his house, Bruce called Demi on
his car phone and told her he’d finally found someone who
could fill the “position” they had talked about. He
winced and I could overhear Demi shrieking and yelling
from the other end. He hung up and turned to me, smirking
that smirk. “Don’t worry,” he says. “It’ll be just fine.”

“Ewwwww gross!” Demi stood at the top of their spiraling
stair case, wearing only a loose t-shirt and biker
shorts, and I could see her hard nipples poking through
the cotton. “He’s disgusting!” I looked down at my lime
green polyester jacket, hot pink tank top and white Levis
ensemble. What’s she goin’ on about, I thought, this
Miami Vice look is timeless.

Bruce beckoned her to come on down and meet me. “Don’t
you know who this is,” he said, waving a hand in my

“Dennis Franz’s fatter uglier brother,” she sneered.
(Shit, I hear that all the time.)

Bruce waved both his hands at me now. “This is Buddy

Demi’s demeanor suddenly shifted. She raised her eyebrows
in surprise, and then let a sly grin creep across her
face. “Well,” she finally said, in that sexy raspy tone
of hers. “Why didn’t you say so?”

My obese hair-covered ball sac was slapping hard against
her pussy now as I was finally able to drive my entire
cock into her anus. I could feel myself get even bigger
and harder inside her as she began bucking her arse back
up against me. All I could hear from Demi though was loud
wet slurps as she let Bruce’s fuck-stick dip in and out
of her vacuum lips. She was rolling his tight little
balls in her hand as she finally started enjoying

“C’mon, Buddy,” Bruce panted. “I wanna see her cum!”

“Like this,” I asked, wiping the sweat off my bandaged
forehead. “Or on her back?”

Demi gagged on her husband’s knob as she tried to make
her own suggestion. Letting that cock escape her suckling
mouth, she turned her face around and
reached back, grabbing one of my fleshy man-tits.

“On my back,” she blurted out, as Bruce’s pre-cum juice
dribbled down her chin. “In my pussy!”

Grabbing hold of her ankles, I flipped her over and
spread her thighs up high. Nestling her hips between my
furry fat thighs, I thrust the entire length of my king-
sized cock-monster into her moist gapping cunt. Damn, she
felt so good!

“Oh God, yesssss!” She moaned and cooed as I started
riding her like a goddamn pony!

My dick control has always been the cornerstone of my
success, and not wishing to deprive these high-profile
clients of my God-given talent, I wasted no time in
methodically rotating my shaft deep within her.

Feeling that cock propeller around against her vaginal
walls, Demi used her arms to lift that impeccable ass of
hers up against me.

“Awwww yeah, man,” Bruce moaned, as he squeezed some more
of his juices onto her face. He was working his dick and
balls so hard and fast now, really getting off on
watching this fat slob drill his wife. “Make that bitch

And so I did.
Demi let out a long high-pitched wail as she orgasmed
repeatedly. Her volume dropped and climbed as she came
again and again. It was like she been saving up her
release for years! Looking at Bruce’s stunned expression,
I realized she probably had, poor thing.

All this was a little too much for Mr. Willis to take and
with a squeaky yelp, he let his jizz spill all over Ms.
Moore’s face and hair. She let her head roll back,
receiving that shower of cum into her open mouth. Sealing
her lips tight again, she let the last drops of his semen
stain her lovely face. Now it was my turn to fire my own
built-up load.

I yanked my axle from her hugging vagina and started
working that hard-as-nails cock-flesh until I discharged
a streamer of thick milky seed all over her tits and
belly. Bruce and I watched Demi smear our combined juices
up and down her face and torso until she was all shiny
and slick. The dim bedroom lights reflected off her oily
skin like sparkles on a rippling brook. (Fuck poetry, I
should’ve been a novelist, huh?)

I gave them my pager number on my way out to catch the
bus, but I never did hear back from them. I read a while
later that they were having some marital difficulties. I
guess once you’ve had a “Die Hard” multiple-orgasm from
Buddy Long, it’s tough to settle for the boring old
“Indecent Proposals” from your under-endowed hubby.