Mash 4077 – Franks Fetish

Maj Frank Bruns knocked on the door of Maj
Houlihan`s tent , he was told to enter .
Maj Houlihan was in olive drab shorts for it was summer they fit like a glove , her stracht khaki showed her frim breast.

Frank got a hard on just looking at her ,
he give her a kiss ” i came as soon a possible” “It`s ok Frank” Maragert bent over to open a foot locker.

“OH Margret” he moan looking at her ass knowning she wore no panties, she stood up looking at him she asked him if he knew what day it was , Frank gave her that puzzling look , she told him it was the second Friday of the month.

Frank`s eyes got wide , “OH Pumpkn” he said
Frank it`s your day she said she opened the foot locker, threw a black corset, nylons garter belt on to her bunk .

Strip she told him , Frank obeied her, she pulled a blonde wig out, Frank stood naked, all clean shaved, even around his cock ball and his ass too.
Frank put on the corset, Margert tied it then the garter belt, nylons, the wig wa put on Margert then begn to apply make up.
She was done she gave him a kiss her hand stroking his hard cock , feeling pre cum ooze out, she rub it all around his head.

She knelt opened her shirt her nipple so hard, se held her breast together around Frank`s cock Frank began to fuck her breast as she lick , sucked his cock head frank couldn`t hold back he came all over breast
thick gooey cum she stood up holding her breast, she then told Frank to lick them clean he stuck his tongue out scooping up the cum .

Swriling some around her hard nipples, she took off her shorts, her pussy was shaven, Frank could see her clit, juices leaking between her lips . Frank went to his knees began to lick her thighs flicking his tongue across hr clit.

Enough she told him this is your nite not mine, Margret hen pulled outa vibrator, sme baby oil told him to lay on her bed.
Frank felt the oil run down the crack of his ass soon the vibrator was working his ass hole , up n down deeper into his ass hole, she left it in as she then put on the strap on dildo .

Frank knelt on the bed, Margret stood behind him, she rubbed the dildo along his ass
then pushed it in, Frank didn`t make a sound
for if he did people would come running and find out,

Margret was fucking him, her breast bouncing whit each stroke she was soon over him plunging the dildo deep into his ass. Fran was jacking his cock , Frank was told to lay on his back Margret fucked him.

He whimpered like a little bitch,which made her fuck him harder, he could feel him self ready to cum , he shot his load it fel all over his stomach
She puled out his ass hole stil opened
Margret kissed him , she put the dlldo away
grabed her robe towel , went to shower.
told Frank to change be gone.

She met Radar on the way to the shower, she kissed him rubbing his crocht, feeling his cock grow, she knelt one ground, inthe darkness she began to suck his thick cock.
drug him into the shower , there he fucke d her, she begged ike a whore, “MY ASS”
Radar was fucking her ass, she bit into the towel for she was about to scream.
Radar came in her ass, she kissed him.
Asked if he got the pictures, Radar gave them to her.
It would be her own insurance policy
she told Radar she was free after Post OP tomorrow nite. Radar left whistling.